Mr. Postman sails his small boat through watery Aquaria, delivering letters day in and day out.

One day, he awakes to find something strange and unbelievable following him, just as a dark rumor begins to spread through Aquaria.

As the letters he delivers bring writer and reader together, the truth begins to come into focus.


Title: From_.

Genre: Adventure

Release Date: 14, June, 2018

Price: ¥ 360

Devices: iPhone/Android/ (PC Version Coming soon)

​​Languages: English/Japanese

Developer: Serina Nakajima(@dev_nakajima)

​Music by: Daisuke Shiiba(@shiibadaisuke)

​​hashtag: #FromAdv


June 13, 2018

English version will be coming to AppStore/GooglePlay on June 14.

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