From_. for AppStore/Google Play on June 14


Mr. Postman sails his small boat through watery Aquaria, delivering letters day in and day out.

One day, he awakes to find something strange and unbelievable following him, just as a dark rumor begins to spread through Aquaria.

As the letters he delivers bring writer and reader together, the truth begins to come into focus.


Title: From_.

Genre: Adventure

Release Date: 14, June, 2018

Price: ¥ 360

Devices: iPhone/Android/ (PC Version Coming soon)

​​Languages: English/Japanese

Developer: Serina Nakajima(@dev_nakajima)

​Music by: Daisuke Shiiba(@shiibadaisuke)

​​hashtag: #FromAdv


June 13, 2018

English version will be coming to AppStore/GooglePlay on June 14.

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